WHY Puneet’s Physics?

The Work Culture : Puneet’s Physics’ work culture revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. We believe that only studying books cannot suffice the needs of growing students. Therefore at every point we try to inculcate as many values as possible so that students become better individuals along with scoring good marks.

The Support System : Interaction with parents & students to improve performance.

Assessment methods : Tests are conducted every alternate week. visualization of difficult concepts using video clips(with projector)

Classes : Regular CBSE classes  & Entrance Crash Course ECC

Comprehensive Study Material : Covering NCERT and Other reference books following CBSE guidelines.

Doubt Session: (Individual Doubt Discussion ) helps a students to clear the  doubts one to one.

Video Lectures : Backup for missed class in case a student face unavoidable problem to attend the class (2 video Lectures / month)

Enabling Infrastructure : We strongly believe in the fact that the environment a student studies in equally important for effective learning. We ensure our students study in an enabling environment equipped with proper classroom and technology to keep them stress free.


Welcome To Physics literally meaning “Knowledge of nature” is honestly hard to define in a few lines. It is integrated in every process we come across. But, unfortunately many students have developed a phobia against it. Physics Classes was started as an initiative to drive away the prospective fear of the subject in students at young age by creating strong foundation of concepts.With this, Physics Classes Welcomes you to the new Academics year and wishes you All the Best !

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